This program would not be possible without the generous support of our program sponsors.  Thank you for continuing to make Harmony Project Bay Area's work possible!


Founders Circle: ($10,000+)

Clarence Heller Foundation;  California Arts Council;  Sam Mazza Foundation;  Open String Foundation;  In Memory of Arlene Sagan; Diane Wilsey,  Anonymous

Patron:  ($5,000+)

Roland Feller Violins;  San Mateo County Arts Commision; Seth Mausner, Sales  

Benefactor:  ($2,500+)

Bill Graham Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund; Friendship Fund;  DaAddario Foundation;  Sparkplug Foundation,  Target Foundation  

Donors: ($1,000+)

Claude Heater Foundation;  Joan Buchanan, Edward E. Hills Fund, John & Paula Gambs, Lisa and Patrice Gautier, Yuh Ling Lan,  Matter of Trust. org,  Carolyn McIntosh,  Jerry Pannone,  Saratoga High School MESH,  Sing for America Foundation, Juyeon Song

Sponsors: ($500+)

Kenneth Ambrose, Michael Boitz, Deirdre English and Wayne Herkness, Kum Mo Kim, Malcolm Cravens Foundation, Thomas McNalley, Snehalatha Melkote, Maeliosa & Peig O'Riain, Mariko Smiley, Doris and Bill Spitzig, Nadya Tichman, Union Music Company, Michelle Won

Friends: ($250+)

Katherine Akos & Harry Jacobs, Richard Andaya, Agnes Chan, Scott Cmiel, Beth & Patrick Compagnucci, Ramon C Cortines, Larry Epstein, Elise Engelberg, Susan Feder, Kevin Gillis, In memoriam Lawrence Granger, Liqiong Hao (+ Wentong Li), Vince & Missy Keehan, Richard Markx, Robin McKee, Alasdair Neale,  Ranjini Nagaraj, Loretta and Walter Polsky, Victor Romasevich, Alicia Snow, Tom Strauss, Elizabeth Szymanowski, John Imhotz,  Dianne Withelder 

Supporters: ($100+)

Sherry Anapol, Paula Balakar, Barbara Bogatin, David and Peggy Brentlinger, Steve Braunstein, Logan Campbell, Gino Castoro, John Chisholm, Jeff Cohen, Gina Cooper, Steve Dibner, Cathy Down, Paul & Vicky Ehrlich, Fishman Financial, Claire and Japheth Go, Mark and Laura Gurion, Brian Kim,  Anthony Lam, Nicole Lambrou, Geoff van Lienden & Sara Loyster, Irene Jie Qing Luo (+Wei Xiong Li), In memoriam Dorothy Mausner, Albert G. Medvitz, Joan McCormick, Michelle Millena, Mary Jo Ormiston, Donna Reed, In memoriam Paul Renzi, Fred Schermer, Sean Samenfeld-Sprecht, Nancy Stern, Deborah Scripps, Nanci Severance, Claire Stewart, Jane Bowyer Stewart,  Jenny Tran, Jan Yamagami,  Chen Zhao